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Community Development

The Community Development Program is a fund that members can access for the purpose of creating value for the community of Fishing Lake First Nation.   The program reports to the Chief and Council, Trustees, and Beneficiaries. 

There are seven areas in which the Community Development Program is focused: Economic Development, Housing, Education, Sports and Recreation, Culture and Language, Health, and Urban Gatherings.

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Accountant at Work

Economic Development

Members can apply for up to $1000 for a Micro Business, $5000 for a small business and up to $350 a year for Work Assistance.

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Hockey Game

Sports and Recreation

Members of all ages can apply for up to $250/year for recreational activities.  For youth members ages 3-17 years old, up to $350/year for sporting equipment is available.  Winter and Summer sports teams can apply for up to $2000.

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Urban Gatherings

Members can apply to have one month of prescription per year covered.

Building a House


Members living off reserve can apply for up to $5000 for a down payment to purchase property.  There is also up to $2500 available for home renovations.  Housing applications are limited to one application every 5 years per member. 

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Culture and Language

Members can apply for up to $200/year for cultural activities.  Cultural groups can apply for up to $2000/year.

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Members can apply for training and certification that is required for their employment.  Educational Trips that are sponsored by a members school and institution.

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Members can apply to have one month of prescription per year covered.

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Emergency Benefit

There are now applications online for the Emergency Benefit, Community Development will only be accepting applications as of April 6, 2023.

The emergency benefit is to help members in an emergency. It is not a cash payout, we do want to help all members, but we do need you to include your financial need, and what you are using your emergency funds for. Please feel free to apply, and we will review your application. 


We are prohibited to give per capita payments to members, so we do require people to apply for the community development funds.


As per Fishing Lake 1907 Surrender Trust Agreement



(18) “Community Development” means the following:

(k)           notwithstanding the foregoing, the following shall be specifically excluded from the definition of Community Development and prohibited:

(i) any project or activity which requires the First Nation to guarantee or pledge as security monies in the Community Development Account, in whole or in part, for the payment of any debts or liabilities of an individual member; or

(ii) any project or activity which has as its intended purpose the payment of a per capita distribution to the Members;

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