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Post-Secondary Education


The objective of the FLFN Post Secondary Education

Program is to support the increased participation and

success of its members in recognized post secondary

education programs. It has been recognized that

participation and completion of post secondary education

increases the employability of the individual and also

develops the ability of Fishing Lake First Nation to become



To be eligible to apply for support under the Fishing Lake First

Nation Post Secondary Program, you must meet the following


- Must be a Treaty Status registered to the Fishing Lake First


- Must meet the requirements set by the Fishing Lake First Nation

Education Board including the identification of skills, interests

and career goals through a written submission to the FLFN

Education Board.  A letter of intent. This will ensure applicants

have a concrete career goal and a definite plan for the

completion of studies.

- Must have met the requirements of the institution and:

a) Have a grade 12 or equivalent (ABE 12, Adult 12 or GED 12)

b) Be enrolled in a post secondary program of studies that is at least 8 to 10

months in duration or 32 to 40 weeks.

c) Not be in receipt of support from any other sponsoring agency, except for

scholarships, student loans or bursaries.

- Support will be provided within the limits of funds allotted under the terms

of the FLFN Financial Transfer Agreement earmarked as Post Secondary

Student Support Program (PSSSP) funding from Indigenous Service Canada. If

support for the number of eligible applicants exceeds the budget,

applications will be prioritized according to the guidelines outlined in the FLFN

Post Secondary Program Policy Manual.

If you or anyone you may know is planning to enter a post

secondary institution for the first time or entering a program of

study the following is required:

a) An official grade 12 transcript from the provincial department of

education; certificates from high school will not be accepted.

b) A copy of Treaty Status certificate.

c) A letter of acceptance from a recognized post secondary


d) A registration of classes. An individual must be enrolled in four

(4) classes or twelve (12) credit hours to be considered full-time.

Any less than four (4) classes or twelve (12) credit hours per

semester will be considered part-time.

e) A letter of intent identifying skills, interests and a career goals

through a written submission.

Previous Programs Sponsored:

•Bachelor of Arts

•Bachelor of Science

•Bachelor of Education

•Business Admin Year I and 2 programs

•Bachelor of Social Work

•Youth Care Worker

•Bachelor of Business Diploma Administration

•Continuing Care Assistant Certificate

•Bachelor of Engineering

•Bachelor of Fine Arts

•Office Administration

• Bachelor of Indigenous Studies

• Masters in Public Administration

•Bachelor of Nursing

•Practical Nursing Diploma

•Masters in Global Leadership

•Laboratory & X-Ray Technician

•Masters in Educational Administration

• Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

•PhD Public Policy & Administration

Important application deadline

Fall semester (Sept to Dec) – June 30th

Winter semester (Jan to Apr) – October 30th

Spring/Summer semester (May to Aug) – January 30th

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