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KKFW Board of Directors - Call for Expression of Interest August 2023

KKFW invites qualified FLFN members to submit an Expression of Interest for the appointment of two (2) Board of Directors.

The appointed member will serve on the KKFW Board for a three (3) year term.

Please read the following information carefully for an outline of Director Responsibilities and how to submit an expression of interest.

Director Duties and Responsibilities

The ability of directors to contribute to FLFN's success is significant, as is the commitment to the organization. Board meetings are held quarterly and last approximately four hours, with full attendance expected.

All applicants must sign the attached declaration about their qualification to sit on the Board and provide a current clean CPIC, vulnerable sector check, and ACI report.

KKFW adheres to a " Zero Tolerance" policy for the use of alcohol and drugs and, for family violence;

What our directors do

The Board of Directors provides policy direction and oversight to the organization Carver-style. Tasks include:

  • Reviewing the Strategic Plan and setting goals for the organization (including financial, operational, social, and environmental goals)

  • Reviewing the Risk Management Plan

  • Reviewing the budget and business plan

  • Reviewing the performance of the Executive Director annually

  • Monitoring the financial performance of the organization

  • Reviewing and setting policy as required

  • Participating in outreach and community events as requested by staff

  • Evaluating themselves as a Board

For more information see the Policy re Board Appointments

What our directors don't do

The Board is NOT a management Board. Directors are not involved in the day-to-day operations and do not deal with issues such as:

  • child and family services and program delivery

  • case management

  • Independent service contracts

  • Staffing issues, except as related to the Executive Director

  • Business plans or individual work plans

  • Public and/or media relations (except as requested by the Executive Director)

Board Composition

The KKFW Board will consist of five directors, and an Elder. A key pillar is cultural competency. Equally important is the diverse composition of our board. It is essential the Board be comprised of directors with a mix of skills and backgrounds, both professional and personal. In particular, the Board seeks individuals with the following attributes:

  1. Vitally interested in the organization and its general mission

  2. Ability to apply a broad perspective on issues;

  3. Teamwork and the ability to listen to others, constructively solve problems, make objective and fair decisions, and reach consensus in a timely manner

  4. Ability to deal professionally with confidential and sensitive information;

  5. Ability to communicate effectively and write clear and concise reports; and

  6. Peer/community recognition of high ethical standards and integrity in professional and personal interactions.

  7. Some degree of knowledge pertinent to the organization‘s "Ends" (not necessarily the "Means" in any detail)

  8. Good at seeing the big picture, and comfortable with an "Ends" focus instead of a "Means" focus

  9. Understand that allegiance, fidelity and stewardship is to the Organization, not to Elected Officials, family or friends

  10. Foresighted (intuitively seeing the effects of actions into the future, through uncertainty and complexity)

  11. Good at conceptualizing.

  12. Smart and wise (good judgment, sagacious, not from a special competency, but from ability to see the big picture; strategically perceptive, with capacity for imagination),

  13. Aware (intellectual alertness)

  14. Good at team dynamics and group skills (emotional intelligence:

    1. Trustworthy (loyalty coupled with integrity) and willing to live by the rules (the board's rules) (Not likely to be a maverick, for example, abusing power. This is different than an individual capable of courageous dissent within the scope of board discussion. That is desirable.)

    2. Capable of noticing common interest among members and inventing win-win proposals, (the blending of humility and loyalty),

    3. Knowledgeable in what is involved in the "Ends" issues under consideration. (See number 2 above.) (Note that this does not necessarily require knowledge regarding the Means to get to those Ends.)

  15. Possessing moral courage, willing and able to make hard decisions

  16. Willing to support (or be loyal to) Board decisions once made

KKFW encourages and welcomes all qualified candidates. We are dedicated to maintaining a healthy, productive, and respectful work environment, free from bullying, harassment, and discrimination, and in which all are treated with dignity.

Interested in Getting Involved?

If you are a FLFN member interested in serving on the KKFW Board and can fulfill the requirements described above, please submit your Expression of Interest which includes the following:

  • A Signed Directors Expression of Interest Package including: the declaration about your qualifications with requisite attachments, a resume and/or summary of work history, volunteer service and/or other life experiences relevant to the position.

  • A written submission addressing the following:

  • Why are you interested in serving on a Board of a non-profit, charitable corporation and this Board particularly?

  • What kind of Board or other volunteer experience do you have?

  • What professional or other community capacity building experience do you have?

  • What impact does KKFW have in the Reserve community?

Note: Preference may be given to applicants with previous involvement/experience in matters related to the respective board's function.

Submit the packages to the FLFN ADMINISTRATION Office,

Attention: Laura Nataucappo

P.O box 508

Wadena SK S0A 4J0

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