Education Initiative

General Overview

- All applications must include a copy of registration or confirmation of enrollment from the institution you are currently attending or will be attending. 
- Applications should include the deadline dates for registration in regards to course/program being taken.
- Dates of when the course(s) will begin and end.
- Applications should also include any and all information that you feel may help the Trustees make an informed decision.
- A letter of support from an instructor or department head of where you are or will be attending classes should also accompany this application:
Please allow sufficient time for your application to be reviewed and have your application sent in to the Trust Office at least 5 weeks  prior to the deadline dates.


Members may apply for Trust Property funding to assist them to complete their education.   The types of financial assistance under the Member Development Program are as follows:

A. Financial assistance to purchase a computer.
B. Educational excursions (trips)
C. Moving or relocation costs

To apply for funding, Members must complete a Member Development Education application and provide confirmation of enrollment and confirmation of funding at the time of their application.  In addition, Members will be required to provide the necessary documents listed on the application form for the type of assistance they require.

Eligible Members may be able to apply for a computer on a one time basis with the exception of Special Needs students; the maximum contribution towards the purchase of a computer is  $1,500.00. Priority for computers will be given to those students who do not already have a computer in their home. The maximum amount a Member may apply for each year is up to a maximum of $ 1,500.00 for items B and C.

Educational excursions are trips that are sponsored by the school or the Institution that the Member attends. The maximum amount a Member may apply for each year is to a maximum of $1,500.00.

Moving and relocation costs may include the cost of a damage deposit, one months rent in a 12 month period, utility connection charges, and the cost of hiring movers or a moving truck.  These costs are only available when other sources of funding are not available and proof that other sources will not cover these costs will be required.

Eligible members include those students that are attending University, technical schools, regular High School Grade 12, ABE 12, Adult 12 and Special Needs students in lower grades describing their learning and physical accommodation. Furthermore students applying for a computer through this program will need an average of at least 65% in their respective grade/program. Persons applying for special needs must include a letter of recommendation for a computer from their special education teacher and/or Principal of their respected school.

Waiver or Release forms must be provided to the Trustees in order to access the marks/grades of the applicant, all information received by the Trustees shall remain confidential and shall only be used by the Trustees in order to make their decision.

Full time students are students enrolled in courses that are minimum of 8 months.

Developed by the Trustees of the Fishing Lake 1907 Surrender Trust